Getting started with XbyX®

Your Journey to Well-being!

Get to know us in five simple steps! Our name, XbyX®, is a combination of "XX" to represent the female chromosome and "step by step" for gradual improvements to your diet and lifestyle. As you can tell, we are with you every step of the way – step by step.

Step #1: Instagram & Facebook

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Knowledge is power! When you know your body inside and out, you tend to feel healthier, more self-confident and vitalised!

We have tons of free content for you, including dietary tips, information about the basics of menopause, the power of your hormones, nutrient variety, recipes and so much more.

You’ll learn something new every day by visiting our social media channels (especially our Insta stories). That's our goal, anyway! :)

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Step #2: Our Private Facebook Group

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Join our private XbyX Facebook group "Women in Balance" to get bonus tips, inspiration and a whole lot of support from our amazing community! Our community is all about knowledge sharing and learning from one another. No question is a taboo here. So go on, join today and start sharing your experiences and find the answers to your most pressing questions about midlife.

Here's a simple guide for how to join: Select the link, log in with your Facebook profile (you need to have a profile photo), and select "Join Group." We usually confirm requests within 24 hours.

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Step #3: Xbyx® Starter Guide & Smoothies

For the best results, we recommend combining your new XbyX products with fresh ingredients for example, as a nutrient-rich smoothie, muesli or porridge. When you order from us, you'll receive the XbyX® Starter Guide that includes our favourite recipes. You are also more than welcome to download the PDF version here:

Download the guide

You're also more than welcome to share your own personal smoothie creations in our Facebook group or on Instagram using the hashtag #xbyxsmoothies and tag us using @xbyxwomen_en. :)

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Step #4: Ask Us!

Most questions about products, getting started, and delivery are answered on our FAQ page. Monique & Peggy, we welcome any questions or suggestions from you. Just write to us at

XbyX® - The Integrated Solution for Self-sufficient Modern Women!

There is no such thing as a magic pill. That’s because each one of us is unique. Our approach at XbyX is to provide natural and holistic solutions that take your individual needs into account along with considering where you are in your menopause journey. Welcome to our community! We're so excited to have you here.

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