Fat-burning Workout For Everyday Life

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A workout that builds muscle, burns fat and is easy to incorporate into your everyday life? It exists - and we're here to share it with you! Combined strength exercises are the ideal fat burning workouts - and these four fat-burning exercises will help you to tone your body.

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First things first - this programme is about fat burning exercises, but we don't want you to start meticulously counting calories. We don't want to tell you that you have to fit into your jeans from the 80s again for workouts to be successful. And we don't want you to measure yourself against photoshopped pictures.

Fat-burning workout: step by step against the meno-belly

Unfortunately, weight gain is one of the issues that weighs most heavily on women during the menopause. Although the menopause does not lead to more kilos on the scales per se, it does lead to the "preferred" accumulation of belly fat - also known as the "meno-belly". During the menopause, abdominal fat deposits increase on average from 5%-8% of total body fat in the pre-menopause to 15%-20% in the post-menopause.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether age, hormonal changes or your desk job are to blame, the main thing is to do something about it if it becomes more than is good for your health and well-being. It is also vital to achieve this in a slow and sustainable manner. Therefore, we've compiled a list of small mini-interval exercises that you can implement in your everyday life.

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How to fit it into your daily routine: 4 X 3 minutes

1 kg of body fat contains the equivalent of 7,000 kilocalories of energy. So to lose 1 kilo every month, you need to consume an extra 300 kcal five days a week.

You could spend 3 hours cleaning, 30 minutes jogging or 12 minutes doing specific exercises to burn fat on each of these five days. Whether you do these exercises in one go or not is irrelevant for your consumption.

If you divide these 12 minutes into 4 small bites, this sometimes even has advantages:

  • You get a metabolic energy kick several times a day, which gives you a boost in your everyday life 
  • The workout is so short that you're done before your inner self has any arguments against it
  • You don't need an extra time slot, which could be hard to fit in with your daily schedule
  • You can also do it during mini-breaks at work. After all, smokers get a break

From head to toe

Compound exercises are particularly effective. These are combined fat-burning exercises that work several muscle groups at the same time. As more muscles are working, these exercises burn more calories and also ensure a greater afterburn effect at the end of the workout. The efficiency also saves a lot of time and you don't have to spend hours training each muscle individually. Performing the exercises quickly has an additional effect on the cardiovascular system and metabolism.


One round (approx. 75 kcal) consists of 4 exercises. Try to integrate 4 such rounds into your day and think about how and where you can do them. It works best with fixed time routines. Carry out the fat-burning exercises quickly and, if possible, without a break. A shorter total time ensures more intensity and therefore more calories burnt. In the beginning, however, the most important thing is to complete all repetitions. So don't give up if you stop during or after the exercises.

Fat-burning workout - your exact plan

For the cardiovascular system

Execution: Run on the spot for 40 seconds while alternately punching your arms forwards. The higher you pull your knees and the faster you perform the movement, the more calories you burn. Don't forget to keep your abdominals tensed during all the coordination.

Alternative: For those who feel fit enough and can / like to jump: 40 jumping jacks.

For a stable core

Starting position: Lying on your back: knees bent, feet on the floor, hands at your temples, elbows pointing outwards, belly button pulled inwards.

Execution: Roll your upper body upwards and slowly lower it down again. Do not pull on the neck - focus on the elbows pointing outwards. Especially if you have pelvic floor problems, focus on pulling your belly button in and always (!) press your lower back into the mat.

Simple variation: arms outstretched, hands pointing towards the knees. Tap your hands on your knees with each repetition. Keep your neck long anyway.

For legs plus core.

The squat is one of the best full-body exercises of all. The big muscles are at work here: the entire leg, the buttocks and the back extensors have to work really hard. This burns a lot of calories and is the perfect counterbalance to constant sitting thanks to the repeated stretching of the hips.

Starting position: Stand with hips wide apart. Stomach firm, back straight.

Execution: Bring your buttocks back down and bend your knees as if you were sitting backwards on a chair. The straight upper body is leant forwards slightly to compensate. Go down to a 90° knee angle (or lower if your back remains straight) and reverse the movement from there. The knees should always remain behind the toes throughout the exercise and shoult not come together in the centre.

Simple variation: Squat with support. Sit down slowly on a chair and stand up again quickly.

Higher intensity: For those who want more, jump squats are an absolute killer.

For upper body plus core.

Push-ups combine core stability and upper body strength and are therefore also a full-body exercise with high calorie consumption. The focus is on the chest, shoulder and arm muscles.

Starting position: Front support on hands and toes. Hands just above shoulder width. Tummy firm. Upper body and legs form a line.

Execution: Slowly lower yourself down until the tip of your nose and upper body are just above the floor, then push back up quickly. The entire body should remain in a straight line. 

Simple variation: On your knees. The support is shorter, which makes it easier. Important: Your bum should still go down with you.

Individual maximum: listen to your body

If you have pain or problems with certain exercises, simply leave them out and do one of the other fat-burning exercises twice instead. Or you can add your own favourite exercise. This programme is mainly about the training principle, burning calories in general and developing new exercise routines in everyday life.

Whether you burn 20 kcal more or less can only be roughly estimated. This is because body composition and exercise performance influence the values for each individual. But it's not about the individual calories - it's about your feeling good in your body!

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